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Silkeborg Folkdancers Association

Silkeborg og Omegns Folkedansere and De Silkeborg Spillemænd is a local folklore group and members of the Danish Folkdancers Association, and the Danish Fiddlers Association.

We are trying to honour old Danish folkmusic and -dance tradition mainly from the 18'th and 19'th century. We are doing public performances of Danish folkdance and music and arranges workshops and ballroom dances.

Our clothes are handmade copies of  typical Danish suits from this period of time, found in the museums of the Jutlandian peninsula, showing the variaty from peasants  clothes to fashionable impire town suits.

We have friendship-groups in Norway, Sweden and Netherland, but would like contact in other countries as well. Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

By the way did you know, that in former times the locals from this area were called "Skovlovringer"?

Meaning people from the woodlands of the "Lover District". They earned a large part of their living by producing various articles of wood from the forests that covered most of the area around what is now the town of Silkeborg.

Their products were usually sold at markets along the western part of Jutland, where forests were rare. They often travelled in long convoys along the sandy trails leading over the vast moors, that covered a large part of the peninsula. Convoys was especially important on the homeward journeys, because their newly earned cash might be an easy target for highwaymen.

Commonly "Skovlovringer" were notorious for three things: Drinking, making wooden shoes, and "gathering" wood in the forests – often not their own – but they didn’t consider "gathering" wood as stealing.

Since the days of the Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, the old paddle steamer "Hjejlen" has been breaking the waves of the lakes surrounding Silkeborg.

For information of Silkeborg, check www.silkeborg.com